NOTE: In order to remove/add articles, the newsletter MUST be in the preview phase (not sent out yet). Once the newsletter is sent out, articles cannot be added or removed. There is a banner on the newsletter in the "Monthly Newsletter" area that says "Preview available" when the preview is available.

1. Log into your Mostad Marketing account at

2. Click on “Monthly Newsletters"

3. Click on the "Manage Newsletter" button for the newsletter you would like to write the custom introduction and/or conclusion for. Again, you can only add/remove articles during the preview so look for the preview banner as shown below.

4. Scroll down and click on "Manage articles in your upcoming newsletter" under "Article display management".

5. Here, you can click the switches next to each article to turn them on or off. You can click the "Preview article" button next to an article to read the article to decide if you want to include it in your newsletter. If you decide not to include an article, be sure to customize your introduction to reflect that!

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