1. Log into your Mostad Marketing account at https://cloud.mostad.com/login/

2. Click on “Monthly Newsletters"

3. Click on the manage newsletter button for the newsletter you would like to write the custom introduction and/or conclusion for.

4. Scroll down and click on "Manage your custom introduction" or "Manage your custom conclusion". You can customize both and they work the same way. For the purpose of this guide, we will go into "Manage your custom introduction". Writing a custom conclusion works the same way as writing an introduction does.

5. Here, you will either see the default introduction (if it is during the preview week) or you will see a note saying what day the preview will be available. You can write a custom introductions anytime you want if you want to write your own. Some people just like to see the default introduction before they decide if they want to write their own or not. Either way, click on "Custom Introduction".


6. Write your custom introduction in the box. If the preview is available, you can click on the "Copy default introduction text". This will copy and paste the default introduction into the box and then you can add on to it, remove things, or edit it to your liking.

7. If you scroll down, you will see some another box. This is for the social media text. If the preview is available you will see the default text in the box. If the preview isn't available, it will be blank. Either way, you can edit it/write your own if you would like.

NOTE: The social media option only appears in the introduction section and not in the conclusion section

8. Next, you can choose how long you want to use your custom introduction/conclusion settings that you just made. The default is to always use them just for the upcoming month. You can click the arrow on the menu as shown below, to use it for longer or even apply to all future newsletters (until you tell it otherwise).

NOTE: Whatever month you say to use it through will be included. For example, if I select December 2020 to use this though, this custom introduction will be used in the December newsletter and then revert back to the default settings for the January newsletter and later (unless I go in and extend it or write a new one).

9. Finally, make sure to save your custom introduction/conclusion. Click "Save custom introduction" (or "Save custom conclusion" if you are doing a conclusion). If it has saved properly, you will see a green bar with a confirmation that it has saved.

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