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Setup Completion Meter and Checklist
Setup Completion Meter and Checklist
Check how many of your Mostad Marketing Cloud services you are using and get the most out of your subscription!
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1. Log into your account at

2. Click on "View setup checklist" on the homepage. The bar shows how many of the features of your current subscription you are currently using.

3. Here, you will see a list of items and subitems that your current subscription includes. Each item will be marked by one the following colors/symbols:

Green checkmark - this means that the setup of this item is complete and counts towards the completion of your set up status.

Yellow caution sign - this only shows up if you have opted to not use an item by clicking the "ignore" checkbox next to a particular service (more info on how to do this in the next step).

Red X - this means that this item is not yet set up and/or connected and should be set up at your earliest convenience (or check the "ignore" box next to the item if you don't plan on using it). Red Xs account for the incomplete areas of set up.

4. You can choose to ignore/un-ignore services at any time. To ignore an item, just find the item you don't want to use and click the checkbox. When the ignored checkbox is checked, the item text will have a grey strikethrough, and it will be counted in the "Ignored" tally at the top. Ignored items count as complete, so you can still achieve 100% completion if you decide you don't want to use some of the items.

5. You can click the Manage button next an item to go to the area where you can complete the item. For example, if you needed to get to the area where you can upload a list of clients, you can click "Manage" in the "Upload client lists" area as shown below. This will take you right to the "List Management" area where you can do that.

6. Your Setup Status will always reflect your current plan and will adjust if you upgrade or downgrade. For example, if you have the Starter plan and you have everything set up to 100% completion and then upgrade to the Pro plan, your completion rate will go down because Pro has more services that you will need to set up. Once you get those new services set up, your completion rate will reflect that.

7. If you have questions regarding your setup status or subscription, you can schedule a check in call by clicking the "Schedule Call" button as shown below or on the homepage.

You can also send in a ticket to IT Support through "Contact Support" and check out our help guides under "Help Center" on the homepage as well.

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