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How to approve your contact info
How to approve your contact info
You will need to approve your contact info before any content can be sent out. You only need to do this once.
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1. Login to your Mostad Marketing Cloud account at

2. Find the yellow banner at the top and click on "Review and approve my contact information". If you don't see the yellow notice at the top of the page saying you need to approve your contact info, then you have done it already. Please note that no content will be sent out until you approve your contact info.

3. Scroll down to the bottom and review your information. If it is correct, click "I approve. The contact information is correct. If it is not correct, click on "Edit location" to change the info. Approve it once it is changed and correct.

4. You will get a screen saying your contact info has been approved. You are all set now!

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