Helpful Tip: Some people choose to make a "Subscribe" list and set it up to get everything so that clients can pick choose what they want to receive. They can also see who has signed up just by using the subscribe button.

1. Log into your Mostad account at

2. You will first want to check what your Lead Capture widget is currently set up to send. From the home screen, click on "Lead Capture".

3. It looks like clients who click the subscribe button are added to my "Prospects" list which is currently only set up to get newsletters. Let's set it up to get Tax Tips as well!

4. Click on the Mostad logo in the top left corner to get back to the homescreen.

5. Click on "Autosend Settings" on the homepage.

6. Go into the the "Tax Tips" autosend settings (or whichever service you want to add autosend for).

7. Flip the switch on next to the list you want clients to be able to add themselves to in order for them to be given the option to sign up for Tax Tips. Everyone on this list will get Tax Tips unless they don't choose to sign up for it when subscribing or opt out.

8. Now if you go back to your "Lead Capture" section, you can see that the "Prospective Clients" list is now set up to receive Newsletters and Tax Tips. When clients click the "Subscribe" button on your site, they will now have the option to opt in/out of Tax Tips!

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