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How to edit a date-driven message
How to edit a date-driven message

Date driven messages include birthday/anniversary campaigns and "date driven" appointment reminders

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PLEASE NOTE: The Marketing Resource Center is part of the Pro and Expert plans only. It is not included with the Starter plan.

1. Log into your account at

2. From the home screen, click on "Marketing Resource Center".

3. Click on "View date driven messages" under the "Date driven messages" section.

4. Click "Edit" next to the message you want to edit.

4. Here, you can edit your message. When you are done editing your message, scroll to the bottom and click "Save and continue".

5. Here, you can edit the subject line, send time, and lists/people the message is sent to. Make any adjustments you need and then click "Process message". Your campaign will immediately be updated and will overwrite your previous one.

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