NOTE: In order to use the "Personalized greeting" option (use the client's first and/or last name), you must have included that data when you uploaded your client list. For a guide on how to upload your list and what data should be included, please see our guide here.

1. Log into your Mostad Marketing account at

2. Click on “Monthly Newsletters"

3. Click on the manage newsletter button for the newsletter you would like to write the custom introduction and/or conclusion for.

4. Scroll down and click on "Manage email greeting settings"

5. You can choose to have a personalized greeting or a static greeting (or none). With a static greeting, you use a single line of text and everyone gets the same greeting (examples: Hope you are well, Happy Fall!, etc). Personalized will use clients' names and prefix. For this example, we will choose "Personalized Greeting Line".

Personalized Greeting

For a personalized greeting, you can choose if you want to use greeting text, a prefix (Mr., Ms., Dr., etc), their first name, and/or last name. You can turn off the options you don't want to use by clicking the switch (in this example, a prefix will not be used but the greeting text, first, and last name will be used). All options chosen are saved automatically.

NOTE: In order for a client to get a personal greeting, they must have a first name, last name, and/or prefix associated with their email in your client list. If they do not have one associated with their email, they will get the fallback text for the field they do not have. For example, if a client had a first name of Jane but no last name associated with their email, their greeting would be "Hello Jane Client" since "Client" is the fallback text for no last name. If the client had no first name or last name associated with their email, the greeting would say "Hello Valued Client". Make sure you have names in the proper fields or change the fallback text to something you are okay with clients receiving.

Static Greeting

For a static greeting, you can write whatever greeting you want to use (you can always change it up until 12am CST on the Wednesday the newsletter sends). Just be aware that this is a static greeting meaning everyone will get the exact same greeting, so make sure it is something general like "Happy Tax Season!", "Hello clients and friends", "Here is our news of the month", etc. You greeting is automatically and immediately saved until you change it.

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