When your campaigns are processed, some addresses may be automatically filtered. These include unsubscribed addresses and known bad addresses. Addresses are filtered to ensure sending servers keep a good reputation, which directly affects the deliverability of your messages.

Email Address: This is the email address that was filtered.

Filter Reason: This is the reason the address was filtered.

Filter Reason Definitions:

  • Unsubscribes: This address has unsubscribed from your messages.

  • Global Suppression List: This address is a known bad address.

  • Non-definitive bounces: This address has bounced more than two times.

  • Opted out of [Service Name]: This address has opted out of messages for the specified service.

  • Duplicate: This address is on more than one list that receives the same content so it has been filtered out so the client doesn't get duplicates of the same content. Example: The email sample@sample.com is on both the "Master List" and the "Current Clients" list. Both of those lists are set up to get the Tax Tips. The system see that he is on both lists and filters his address so they just get one Tax Tip email instead of two each time the campaign is sent.

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