1. Log into your Mostad Marketing account at https://cloud.mostad.com/login/

2. Click on "Email Reporting"

3. Here, you will see the report for all of your email campaigns (even the ones that still haven't sent out yet).

The definitions are as follows for the terms outlined in the red box, from left to right:

  • Send Date - the date/time the campaign was sent out (or will be sent out if it is a time in the future).

  • Subject - what was sent out

  • Recipients - number of people who received the email, meaning that it made it to their email

  • Opened - number of email addresses that opened the message campaign

  • Clicked - number of email addresses that clicked on something in the message campaign

  • Bounced - number of emails that could not be delivered successfully to recipients

  • Unsub - number of emails that unsubscribed this time on this campaign

  • Filtered - number of email addresses that exist in your list(s) but are automatically filtered out of campaigns for various reasons during campaign preprocessing. For a more in depth explanation of what causes an email to be filtered out, please see our guide here

  • View - view the message that sent/will go out and get a webpage preview of what it will look like

  • Action - if the campaign has been sent, you can click the graph icon to look at a graph of the open rate. If the campaign has not been sent out yet, you can delete it so it doesn't go out by clicking the trashcan icon (this cannot be undone so make sure you want to delete it).

4. You can click on the numbers for each category (Recipients, Opened, Clicked, Bounced, Unsub, and Filtered) to go in and see what email addresses received, opened, bounced, etc. for each of your messages. For example, it looks like 1 email address opened my message. If click on that number, I can see what email addressed opened my message

5. I can click on that number under opened and it will bring up the following screen:

It looks like this person with the @tenenz.com email has opened this message 3 times. If clients open/click on content a lot, it likely means they are interested in the material!

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