PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have your social media accounts connected to your Mostad Marketing Cloud to schedule video posts. If you put in a manual link, you will not be able to schedule videos for social media posts.

1. Login to your COVID-19 portal at

2. Click on "COVID Portal"

3. Click on "Get help and instructions for using your portal"

4. You will be taken to the social networking links section, which is just below the location section (you may need to scroll up or down a bit to find it). Click on "Manage my social networking links".

5. Here, you can click on "Connect Your Page" to connect the social media accounts that you have. The social media app you are connecting with will have you login to your profile and then ask you to follow the prompts about what you would like to connect.

4. Once your social media accounts are connected, you should see the connected account(s) listed with a green checkmark next to the respective social media icon.

5. Once you have connected the social media accounts you have, scroll down and click on "Update Social Networking Links".

6. You will get a message saying that your social networking links have been updated and be brought back to the main portal page. Now that your social media is connected, you can set up/schedule videos to post to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts. Click here for a guide on how to post/schedule videos.

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