1. Login to your COVID-19 portal at https://cloud.mostad.com/login/

2. Click on "COVID Portal"

3. Click on "Customize your contact information and upload your logo"

4. Click on "Upload logo"

5. Click on "Choose File" to search your computer for your logo image and select it.

  • Note that the filetype must be a .png, .jpg, or .gif. So for example, mylogo.jpg would be just fine, but mylogo.pdf would not work.

  • You can resize or rotate your image using the tools shown below

When you have your logo the way you want it, click "Save and replace my current logo". You will get a confirmation message that your logo has been updated. It will immediately update on all of your Mostad content.

6. You will get this screen saying the logo has been updated! Your logo will now appear on all of your Mostad Marketing Cloud content!

7. Next, below where you uploaded the logo, click on either "Edit location" to edit/change your current location or click on "Add a new location" to add an additional location.

8. Here, you can edit/add your company name, tagline, address, phone numbers, email (both support and public), and your website. When you are finished making changes, be sure to click "Save Changes" at the bottom.

NOTE: When you save your changes, you may encounter the following screen:

As the instructions state on the image above, you MUST put in the validated address the system gives you (so in the example above, I must put in "Penn Ave S" and NOT "Penn Ave South"). You will also need the dash and the extra four digits after the initial zip code (so in the example above, I would need to put in 55431-2520 and NOT just 55431). If the system validates your address to something completely wrong (such as a different building, location, city), please email support@mostad.com and we can validate it on our end after verifying the address.

6. If you have updated your address and it is saved, you will get this screen:

You can click the "Close Window" button.

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