Adding your logo

1. Log into your account at

2. From the home screen, click on "Account Settings".

3. Scroll down just a bit and click on "Change company contact information"

4. Click on "Manage my logo"

5. Click on "Upload new image"

6. Click on "Choose File" to search your computer for your logo image and select it. Check the agreement box (you cannot upload your logo without doing so) and then click "Upload image".

7. Crop and edit your image to you liking. Note that the checkerboard pattern is only to show transparent areas on your image and will not be included in your final image. You can use the buttons outlined in the red box to rotate and size your image. You can click "Reset image" to get your original, non-cropped image back. Clicking "Start over" will take you back to the logo upload area in step 5. Click "Saved cropped image" when you have your logo the way you want it.

8. It will show you what your image looks like. You can click "Cancel and crop again" to redo it if you are not satisfied with it. Click "Save image and continue" to save your new logo.

9. You will be brought back to the "Change company contact information" page and a green notice will pop up (as shown below) saying your logo has been updated. It will now show your new logo!

Checking/updating contact info and tagline

7. Click on "Settings Main" at the top to go back to the main settings page.

8. Click on "Change company contact info"

9. Click on "Edit Location" (right below "Upload and replace logo").

10. Here, you can edit your company name, tagline, address, phone numbers, email (both support and public), and your website. When you are finished making changes, be sure to click "Save Changes" at the bottom.

NOTE: When you save your changes, you may encounter the following screen:

As the instructions state on the image above, you MUST put in the validated address the system gives you (so in the example above, I must put in "Penn Ave S" and NOT "Penn Ave South"). You will also need the dash and the extra four digits after the initial zip code (so in the example above, I would need to put in 55431-2520 and NOT just 55431). If the system validates your address to something completely wrong (such as a different building, location, city), please email and we can validate it on our end after verifying the address.

11. If you have updated your address and it is saved, you will get this screen:

You can click the "Close Window" button.

12. Click on either the Mostad Marketing Cloud Logo or the "Home" link to take you back to the homepage (either works).

Changing the border color

13. Back on the home menu, click on "TaxVid Videos"

14. Click on "Go to video customization"

15. Click on "Customize color"

16. You can choose a color from either of the two color palettes. One palette pulls colors from your logo and the other has muted colors. Pick whatever one you like!

17. When you click on a color, you will get a message saying that it has been updated. You can view your video player with the border color by clicking on "View updated web version". When you are finished, click on "Back to TaxVid settings".

Adding a custom disclaimer

16. Back in the TaxVid settings, click on "Customize disclaimer"

17. You can write your own disclaimer/intro regarding the video. Be sure to save when you are done! You can see how it looks by clicking on "View my TaxVid video".

18. You will get a screen saying that the custom disclaimer was updated. Click on "Back to TaxVid main" to go back to the main settings

Now that your video is customized the way you want it, it's time to start sharing it with clients! Click the guides below to learn how to share the videos with clients via social media, email, and on your website!

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Click here to learn how to share your video on social media accounts (after your accounts are connected)

Click here to learn how to share you video via email

Click here to learn how to put your video on your website

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