PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have your social media accounts connected to your Mostad Marketing Cloud to post/schedule video posts. If you put in a manual link, you will not be able to schedule social media posts.

1. Login to your Mostad Marketing Cloud account at

2. Click on "Social Management" near the bottom in the middle of the page

3. Here, you can click on "Connect Your Page" to connect the social media accounts that you have. The social media app you are connecting with will have you login to your profile and then ask you to follow the prompts about what you would like to connect.

PLEASE NOTE: For Facebook, you will login with your personal account and then it will pull any business pages you admin and link those. You MUST have a Facebook Business page managed by a personal Facebook account in order to connect your Mostad account to Facebook. Facebook does not allow autoposting to personal accounts as of August 2018 and limited autoposting to business pages only for all marketing material. If you want to share content on your personal account, we recommend sharing a link to the webpage the content is on (so for example, if you wanted to share your newsletter, you would share the link to the page on your website that has the newsletter). You can also share the microsite link if you do not have the content on your website.

4. Once your social media accounts are connected, you should see the connected account(s) listed with a green checkmark next to the respective social media icon.

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