PLEASE NOTE: Most social media accounts connected to autoposting systems require re-authentication around every 60 to 90 days to make sure the account is still active/being used and that it is not set up by a bot to spam posts.

1. Log into your account at

2. If one of your social media accounts needs to be reconnected, you will have received an email about it and the red warning box letting you know you need to reconnect an account will appear at the top of your Mostad Home screen (as shown below). From the Home screen, click on "Social Management" or click on "Manage social connections" on the red warning bar.

3. Scroll down and find the social media account(s) that need reconnecting. They will be marked in red and have a button next to them that says "Click here to reauthorize".

Click that button next to the account you want to reauthorize. You will then be taken to the login page for that social media account and asked to login with the username and password. Once you do that, the account will be reauthorized and ready to autopost again.

4. Repeat step 3 for each social media account that needs reconnecting. If you are having trouble reconnecting, please contact us through your Mostad account by clicking the button below:

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