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Send a review to a client immediately; Review Quicksend
Send a review to a client immediately; Review Quicksend
Send a review to specific client quickly so they can fill it out right away!
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PLEASE NOTE: The Reviews & Referrals feature is part of the Expert plan only. It is not included with the Pro or Starter plans.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: If you have not yet added your Google Business, Facebook Business page, and/or your Nextdoor page to the "Social Management" section, please do that now as you will not be able use the Reviews and Referrals feature without at least one of those. Per Yelp's policy, you may not send messages soliciting reviews to clients, so even if you have a Yelp account added, it will not show up here to adhere to that policy.

1. Log into your account at

2. From the home screen, click on "Reviews & Referrals".

3. Click on "Start QuickSend".

4. Choose a subject and header image:

  • You can pick a subject line for your review message or keep the default one. 

  • You can change the header image by clicking on it and selecting a different image. Please note that you must pick one of the images available for the header.

5. Now you can customize your message text:

  • You can choose to use the client's first and/or last name or leave it blank by clicking on the dropdowns that say "No first name" and "Now last name" and change it to "Client first name" and "Client last name" as shown below. If you do want to use a first and/or last name, be sure to put that at the bottom when you put in their email. 

  • For your message, you can keep the default message, add/delete things from it, or write your own. If you write your own and you want to use it for the future, be sure to check box that says "Save as my default QuickSend message" as stated below. 

  • Once you click "Send message now", the review request will be sent to the client. You can view sent messages in the "Email Reporting" area on your Mostad home screen.

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