NOTE: If you have not connected your social media accounts to Mostad and would like content to autopost to those accounts, please connect them first by using the guide here.

1. Log into your Mostad Marketing account at

2. Click on "Autosend Settings" on the homepage

3. Here, you can set up the autosend settings for each of your services. Click on the respective buttons for each service to change the settings of what autoposts and to where. You may have anywhere from one to five services depending on your subscription, so make sure to review each service.

4. You can choose which lists and social media accounts will automatically get that service's info sent to them when a new one comes out. Click the switch next to a service to turn it on.

5. When autosend is enabled for a list or a social media service, it will turn green. Note that you can pick and choose which social media services and lists get this particular service autosent or autoposted. In the example below, the Tax Tip will automatically send to my master list and post to both my Facebook page and LinkedIn account every Friday. The my "Prospective Clients" list and the Twitter account will not have Tax Tips autoposted, since they are turned off.

6. Once you are finished, you can get back to the autosend service selection clicking on "Autosend settings" in the top left to go back to the screen in step 3 and choose another service to turn on autosend for. Repeat steps 3 through 6 until you have all the services you want set up for autosend.

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