1. Go to https://www.google.com/business/

2. Click on "Manage Now" to create an account or sign in.

3. Click on "Create account" if you need a Google account. 

If you already have a Google account:
If you have a Google account, you may be automatically logged in after clicking on "Manage Now". If not, enter your email associated with your Google account and click "Next". You will then be asked to enter your Google account password on the next screen. You can then proceed to Step 10 in this guide.

4. After clicking on "Create account", it will give you the option of creating a personal account or an account to manage your business. Click on "To manage my business". 

5. Put in your information and click "Next"

6. An email will be sent to you at the email address you put in and this page will appear asking you to verify your email address with a verification code

7. Log into your email and find the message that was sent to you by Google that has the verification code. The email will look like this:

8. Put the verification code given to you in the email into the box on verification screen from step 6 and click "Verify"

9. After you verify your email, you will get a welcome message from Google asking for information. Put in your information and click the "Next" button.

10. Put in the name of your business and click the "Next" button.

11. You can choose to add a location to Google Maps so customers can find your service. We would recommend this unless your business is run out of your home. Click the "Yes" or "No" circle and then click "Next". If you do not wish to add your business location to Google Maps, you can skip to step 16 of this guide.

11. Put in your business address and click "Next".

12. You can choose if you serve customers outside of this location or not. Click the "Yes" or "No" circle and then click "Next". If you select "No" please skip to step 14 of this guide.

13. Add your locations by typing them in the field and selecting the from the dropdown menu when they appear. When you are done adding your outside locations, click "Next".

14. Put in a category for your business and click "Next".

15. Put in what contact information you want to display on your Google Business Profile so customers can get in touch with you and then click "Next".

16. You will come to this screen where you will finish up and go onto verify your business. Click "Finish" to continue.

17. You must choose a way to verify your business in order to fully manage and represent it on Google. There are a few ways you can verify your business:

a. Clicking on call will send an automated telephone call with a verification code to the number you put in. Put in the code that the calls gives you and click "Verify". This is the quickest and most efficient way to verify your business.

b. If you do not want to verify your business through the call method, you can click on "None of these work for me" and click on the arrow (as shown above in Step 17). You can then choose to verify by having a postcard with the code sent to you by clicking "Mail". If you want to wait to verify your business, you can click "Later", but keep in mind that you can't fully manage your listing until it is verified.

18. Once you verify (or opt to verify later) you will be taken to this screen, where you will accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for Google My Business by clicking "Get Started".

19. You will then be taken to the "Main Area" of your account. From here, you can explore your options for setting up your business. There are few items you will want to do:

  • Add hours, a description, and a logo/photo if you have one

  • Verify your account (once you get your code)

  • Check out the support center for help articles or contact Google business support if you have questions. You can do this by clicking on "Support" at the bottom or by going clicking here

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